The efficient use of energy is at the very core of our business. Our synergistic products and services deliver the best end-result to our customers.  

Engineering Consulting

Our consulting engineering function specializes in the electrical and energy sector. With our strong expertise in the Power Utility business and our engineering staff having an ESKOM background, we can provide insight not always available elsewhere.

Energy Audits

With the advent of energy scarcity, it has become increasingly important to not only conserve energy but also to provide accurate reporting on energy usage. Accurate measurement and reporting is a cornerstone to any energy-related project, in the public or private sector. Additionally, this is critical to the functioning of a viable energy trading and carbon credit market.

Plant Asset Management

The Energy Sector is a capital-intensive environment and optimizing this investment from concept through its lifespan and decommissioning is critical to meeting the envisioned business requirements. Services such as Technology Selection, Strategic Cost Analysis, Asset Audits, Risk Analysis and Maintenance Strategy development and implementation allow for capital-intensive businesses to optimize their return on assets and business performance.


            Plant Commissioning                                   Plant Condition Assessments and Reporting                                  SABS and ISO Pre-listing preparation and Audits

            Technical Audits                                            Performance and KPI Development and Monitoring                    Infrared Thermal Scanning              

            Failure investigations and                           Partial Discharge Testing and Analysis
            Root Cause Analysis

Design, construct, commission and maintain power generation plants

       Waste to Energy                                                          Biomass Co-generation                                Combined Heat and Power Plants                                                                                             

     Solar Process Heating                                                          Trigeneration                                      Wind Power Generation for Wind Farms                                          

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