Welcome to OREEPS

We are an engineering company operating in the energy sector since 2007.

Brief History

OREEPS, and ORE Group company, was started with a vision of offering quality products at fair price and bringing ethical practice to the marketplace. Fairness and ethics continue to be the foundations on which we do business.

In 2009 OREEPS moved towards a stronger service focus, offering power systems and engineering solutions to complement our product lines.  In 2010 the company forged and solidified partnerships which have facilitated the expansion of our solutions offering.  In co-operation with our technology partners, we have gained the capacity to design, build, commission and maintain generation plants.  

We present our clients with a complete and full basket as a one-stop supplier.

We see ourselves at the forefront of turnkey power and electrification technology in South Africa and Southern Africa. 

Executive Team and Directors

The ORE Group of companies was started by Lester de Vries in 1998 while he was studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town.  After completing his Engineering degree, he worked in a power systems environment at Eskom.  He joined OREEPS on a full-time basis in 2008 and has been instrumental in forging the partner relationships that OREEPS has with international manufacturers.  Lester de Vries is the Managing Director of OREEPS.

Carmen de Vries holds responsibility for OREEPS commercial direction,  including stakeholder agreements, institutional customer relationship management and business development. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Cape Town, and post-graduate qualifications from the University of the Western Cape and Wits Business School. Carmen de Vries is a Director at OREEPS.